Using An ACT Study Book 

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Can using an ACT Study Book, sometimes called a Study Guide, really help you to prepare for and get a good score on the ACT exam?  Absolutely!


It is often thought that there is no way to prepare for standardized tests.  Such is not the case with the ACT.  It is an exam that lends itself quite well to preparation. 


For several years I taught an ACT preparation course during the summer and I saw students improve their scores considerably by careful study and review. 


The books I used during this summer prep course were published by the ACT organization for use in such workshops, but most of the good study books available to the public are patterned after these same type books.


The good study guides will include test taking strategies, practice questions and tutorials, and at least one complete practice exam.


My observation of the students taking prep courses or using study books is that, like with most things, the benefits gained are directly related to the amount of time and effort invested. 


So, grab one of the recommended books below and spend some good time with it.  It will pay off!


I have listed here some of the good study and preparation tools with which I am familiar.  Also, when a student registers to take the ACT, they are issued an information packet which includes practice questions for the exam.  Using these is an excellent way to prepare and involves no additional cost other than the normal registration fee.


Good ACT test prep books:                                 


Barron's 2007-2008 ACT Test Prep

Cracking the ACT by Princeton


Kaplan ACT Test Prep


The Real ACT Test Prep Guide 

Additional resources for an ACT Study Book:



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